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About the license

You have rights for use of our icon sets for your personal and commercial projects.

You can create end products for clients or personal projects. Sell, license, sub-license or distribute and make any number of copies of the end product.

You may modify or manipulate the icons. You may use the icons multiple times, in multiple projects.

You may not re-distribute the icon sets as a stock image or its source files, regardless of any modifications, under any circumstances. End products include: websites, mobile apps, web apps, games, themes, illustrations, wireframes, presentations and videos. We reserve the rights to change prices and revise the icons usage policy in any moment.

We reserve the rights to change prices and revise the icons usage policy at any moment.

What is JSON Animation? How do you edit animated icons?

We use Lottie - a library that parses Adobe After Effects animations exported as JSON and renders them natively on mobile and on the web. You can change the color and speed of the svg animation using the LottieFiles online editor.

How and when do I get new icons?

You will receive an email notification sent from Gumroad about each new icon pack and update. We plan to release at least 5 new icon packs every year and an updated icons pack every 30 days.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Your subscription is automatically renewed every year. You can cancel the extension anytime. You will not receive new icon sets and updates but you'll have rights to use past icons.

What Are Live Icons?

For years in web design, we have been accustomed to perfect icons. But impersonal and trivial graphics have no soul.

Live Icons inject emotion and humanity to your projects. We have designed different styles, including animated icons. These hand-drawn icons show off your brand personality and help you stand out from your competitors.